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The look of the device and the specifications in the announcement are in sync with previous rumours. The smartphone weighs around g and has a battery capacity of 1,mAh. Samsung Galaxy Ace 3. More Samsung mobiles Samsung mobiles price in India.


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Damage to the battery or load equipment can occur if the storage battery charge is run down to much. Customer satisfaction is the highest priority for mSpy. The app is ostensibly intended for legal monitoring use, and there are certainly legitimate reasons to install the software. Monitor with mSpy mSpy for phones mSpy for computers. Key features Monitor messangers:.

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How can you track a cell phone Contents: Can an iphone 6 plus get spyware cell spying without access to phone. Spy husband s text messages? How can you track a cell phone - Whatsapp spy nokia 8; spy phone for galaxy mega s4. Despite of heavy use it never turns you down. If you want to put your money on some big budget flagship i advice you to go for S Awesome phone.

Your information is wrong. Even if the S4 is made of plastic, it feels premium in hand. Since its a premium device no one is going to throw it on the ground. So far as the accidental drops are concerned, the phone can easily sustain those drops.

So why to worry about plastic body? The stock video player is simple but it supports all free formats including the Matroska i. MKV format. Therefore the battery life is also conserved.

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Fantastic Camera. Outstanding bench mark scores: Better than any other smartphone in the world. Battery mAH : Even 3 cell battery of No FM Radio. No Wireless Charging as of now. Too Many features will confuse few users. Only 8. Group Play: You can play multi-player games with other S4 users.

Samsung Galaxy S4

Turn Over To Mute: If someone is calling you and you don? Buy your phone carefully because it's a device you'll keep 24X7 with you. Cons: 1. Loud speaker: Better than S3 but I expected more. To be honest this is an expectation which is upgraded with every iteration, but its decent and not bad.

Software gimmicks: To be honest only a hand few are useful and make sense and the rest are worthless. The people who buy these phones are neither kids nor clowns entertaining people at a circus.

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So most of the add-ons are not even worth a mention cuz they don't justify their presence or their performance. But its retailing at a competitive price which should drop once the HTC one launches. But it? Looks: No probs with the plastic build, but it? A phone is also a status symbol today, and if you don? Overall: It? But when people compare it to purchasing a laptop instead of this phone, I would say it?

To play by your rules I would say a laptop will not replace your point shooter, it is not as portable as the S4 and it cannot take calls practically. But it can function as a replacement for your laptop since it can do USB on the go, and most other features that a laptop would. In totality I would say it? Buy it if the price is right or wait till the note 3 to launch to get it at a cheaper price.

Review : Samsung Galaxy S4. The Galaxy S4, coming in with the recent price cuts, is now serving as an affordable buy for the Indian market, coming in with a bevy of features that Samsung relies on, in order to make this phone give a fight to it's competition. The Galaxy S4 is a pretty impressively spec'd device.

The US version of this phone as a 1. The India version, on the other hand has the same specifications, with the only change being that the processor is a 1.

source link Even in today's world, where we are the seeing the new Snapdragon 's and 's rolling out on the flagships of tech giants, the processing package on this phone is still no slouch, as it provides for some great performance, be it gaming or be it day-to-day tasks. The screen we find on this device is a 5 inch Full HD screen, capable of a X resolution, with a massive pixel density of ppi. The text looks crisp and sharp, and provides for some great viewing angles.

Camera on this phone is a 13 MP rear shooter, which has a number of modes for taking photos in different ways. The front camera is also good enough for skype calling. Build quality of the one is one of the major factors that I was considering when buying this phone, since I thought it would be a big step up from the Galaxy S3.

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  • My Galaxy S4 originally came with Android 4. The Touchwiz UI is one of the main factors I considered when buying this phone. It offers a large number of features, with the main additions to this phone being the Smart Stay and Smart Scroll, along with Look Away Pause. However, to be honest these features are just going to be looked upon by a user like me for not more than a month or two, but anyways they do add to the goodness of the phone.

    Call quality was very good. I never got any dropped calls, and although I would be arguing over the fact that the speaker placement is not the best, but it still provides for a great listening experience when watching videos or movies. I bought this phone recently like 2 months ago and I got it off flipkart for near about Rs , which is way less than what it was launched for. I am quite happy with this purchase but I am hoping that Samsung can do some tweaks to the UI of the phone so that it would be much more capable, considering today's standards.