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Don't go after it yourself. You never know what situation you might find yourself in. BlackBerry 10 and later versions have the BlackBerry Protect feature built in to the operating system. For earlier versions the app can be installed from the BlackBerry AppWorld store. Once you have the software installed you can log on to the BlackBerry Protect website and lock your device or delete all your information. Alternatively, you can search the map to locate your device and have a customised message displayed on the home screen on how to contact you.

Find my phone is automatically set up on your device from the time you start using it. You can use this service to ring, lock, erase or search for your phone's location on a map on any device that is connected to the internet. As with the other operating systems this feature will only work if your phone is connected to the internet. Microsoft's system will continue to search for your device until it reconnects to the internet. You will receive a notification with your device's last known location. Going to the police station can be quite daunting after you have just been robbed, but you need to report the crime so that you can get a case number.

This will be required by your insurance company, banks and any retailers should you accounts be accessed and used fraudulently. The South Africa Police Services SAPS may not be able to get your phone back, but they could possibly use the information that you provide to track thieves selling mobile devices online.

If you are robbed in a place where there are security guards on duty, report the crime to them so that they can be on the lookout for any suspicious activity i.

Best IMEI Tracker for Lost Mobiles

Let your bank know immediately that your device has been stolen and that there is a possibility that the thieves may use your online banking information to make purchases. They will also be able to advise you on what needs to be done in order to reduce the risk of your account details being accessed.

If your device or any online accounts - such as email or cloud storage contains scans of your ID book and other sensitive documents, register the documents with the SAFPS via phone , email or online web form. You should also report any fraudulent activities where you identity has been used to SAFPS via phone, In cases of financial fraud, contact the Credit Ombudsman to resolve disputes with credit providers or agents.

Phone stolen? Don’t panic

Contact your mobile service provider so that they can block calls from being made using your SIM card. Thieves could end up using your phone to make expensive calls, which you will be responsible for paying. List all the online accounts and services you've used on the device, then change those passwords immediately. Avoid making these changes from public computers which criminals can use to capture your information or over public Wi-Fi services which can be intercepted by criminals.

Add your phone's IMEI number to a free global database. If your phone is found, the IMEI number can be used to contact you. Log a Call. Check Call Status. Self Help. Hours: Monday - Friday: 8am - pm Thursday:8am - pm Tel: icts-frontoffice uct. Skip to main content. Phone stolen? This guide will help you to set up and track your device should it ever get stolen. My device has been stolen Mobile devices have become one of the most sought-after items for thieves.

Android Android Device Manager can track your Android phone or tablet without you having to install an app.

#1. Your telecom operator:

If this option does not work, your phone may not have internet access. Keep on tracking it until it connects to Google's services. Apple In order to use the Find my iPhone app, you need to have previously activated this service on your iPhone, iPad or Mac. Note: Please remember that for this option to work, your stolen device must be connected to the Internet via mobile data or WiFi. With the advancement of android phones, they are nowadays more of a close friend than a device. Losing the phone is enough to send a person into a swirl of confusion. This is considering the vital data the device holds and the hardship of restoring every bit of it.

The worst-case scenario is when it falls into the wrong hands. Have I lost my phone? At this point, you are torn between what to do next. And this is where online platforms for tracking phones come in handy.

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You only need to type how to track my lost phone for free online and you will have millions of options on how to trace your phone from the result. Annually, millions of phones get stolen or lost. But that is a decade ago. With IMEI tracking online , the chances of retrieving your phone are higher. You may start by reporting the case to the relevant authorities. In this case, the police are the first to start with. But, most of the time, this may take time and retrieving your phone is often impossible.

'Trivial' work to find a runaway

In this case, IMEI tracking online is the best option. Apart from waiting for feedbacks from the authority, this method is the simplest and safest way to pursue your lost phone. Track my phone for free online using IMEI number is a popular method due to the high success rate of locating your lost phone. Using this method can be done in various ways:.

It is a form of mobile identity that makes each mobile unique from the other. It works the same way as your ID card does except representing the mobile set. When you know your IMEI number, it will come in handy in case you lose your phone or if it gets stolen. You can attempt to recover it through online sites, application or through relevant authority. Also, you may decide to render it worthless so that whoever stole it will not be able to use it.

You can do this by contacting your device carrier to blacklist the device by providing them with the lost android phone IMEI number. This means the device will not make any calls or receive any more. When you opt to purchase a second-hand android phone, you will need the IMEI number. Last but not least, you will use the number to get the specifications details about the phone. These will include the model, brand, date of manufacture, release and various features it has. Whichever option you choose in getting the IMEI number, ensure you record it somewhere secure.

You might need it someday. As a caution, do not share your IMEI with people.

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  • Someone shady may decide to apply your number to a device that was stolen to evade getting blacklisted. So what do you do in such a case? You only need to sign in to Google account through the same account that you synced the phone. Google always registers every device IMEI number after syncing.