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The issue is that all of my text messages also go into my email account. Very annoying.

Third-party apps

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Sending and Receiving Emails on your phone

View solution in original post. These directions should work for most phones. Depending on the version of Android you're running these directions do change of course, but it will get you in the right place!

Send Email to SMS With an MS Outlook Rule

Hmm, I looked around a bit more for more details. During new account set up is the only time you will see the option of whether to sync SMS. It does not appear anywhere else once you leave the initial set up screen. Once the account is installed, you will see options for syncing email, contacts, calendar, tasks - but not SMS. I have a Note Android reads out your five most recent incoming SMSes, with the option to repeat or reply to each one along the way, and it works really well.

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From Settings tap Accessibility then Text-to-speech output and configure your options accordingly. Back on the Accessibility screen, tap Select to Speak and turn it on. ReadItToMe , which is free to download but requires in-app payments for extra features, covers not just texts but also incoming call details and other notifications from the likes of Hangouts, WhatsApp , and Telegram. That should be enough of a selection to keep you going, but bear in mind that several apps come with a read aloud feature built in. To avoid that, it is better to avoid keeping the phone in one hand and holding the steering wheel using the other hand.

5 ways to text from your laptop

In case there is a need to read and reply to messages while driving, it is better to use the apps that read text messages like messageLoud. Download from Google Play Store. Either it can respond to all incoming calls or to only selected contacts which can be configured on the app. Currently, it is available only for Android-based phones.

Drivemode helps to do all your daily routines like reading emails, browsing Facebook, sending messages on WhatsApp etc without taking your hands off from the steering wheel.

Sounds surprising? Yes, it is true.

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By using simple voice commands, you can do all your favorite activities without deviating your concentration while driving. Drivemode allows you to reply to text messages using voice commands or put the phone in Do Not Disturb mode and respond only to your favorite contacts.

Third-party apps

Plus, it can also be integrated with music apps like Spotify, Google Play Music and more. Not a problem. You can get help from Siri to not only read out the messages but also to reply to them as well. Without taking your hand from the steering wheel, you can read text messages and reply to them using Siri. Pretty cool.